1.  D-Aspartic acid
  2. Tangkat Ali (try and find on that has a 1:100 extract)
  3. Tribulus Terrestris
  4. Fenugreek
  5. Horney Goat Weed
  6. L-Arinie


  1. Vitamin D
  2. ZINC


Always consult a practitioner before taking supplements that can increase testosterone levels. Don't take all of these supplements at once. Always use the recommended doses or find a brand that has a good mix of some of these top supplements already combined for use.

Always have a wellness exam, blood work and hormone levels tested before starting supplements or nutrients.

Rachelle Jones FNP-c and Rebecca Jeppson FNP-c - recommendations for blood work should be done before starting supplements and vitamins.

Blood Panel: CBS, CMP, LIPID, TSH/T4, HA1C, Vitamin D, B12, Free and total testosterone level with SHBG.

Women natrually produce testosterone too - from their ovaries and adrenal glands. It isn't produced in levels anywhere near that of men though. In males you would fine between 500-1000 ng.dL whereas in women it's around 20-80 ng.dL. That's almost 15 times lower. It does however play an important role in body composition and libido.

Although it's easy to think of testosterone as being a male only hormone, it is essential for women too. It supports ovulation and menstrual cycle and is an important cofactor in arousal. In fact, studies show that low testosterone in females can lead to a little chance of orgasm and pretty much non existent libidos.

It balances metabolic functions, helping you to regulate energy production. It gives you energy, boost athleticism, endurance, and confidence too.

Like with males, as you age your T levels naturally decline. By the age of 45, around 90% of women suffer from low T. The biggest drop occurs from age 20 to 40.

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